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Welcome to your Association

This site aims to provide quality services for all those that wish to succeed in the Foot Care Industry after obtaining certification or merit from competency base courses via various Educational Institutions and Community Workplaces.

It provides a portal for Foot and Hand Carers Cert III & IV, Foot Care Nurses, Chiropodists (UK based), Pedicurists and Manicurists, Podiatry assistants, Foot Carers at residential age care facilities, Reflexognosy, as well as any other students currently studying foot care in Australia today.

As it is currently, basic foot care is generally unregulated within Australia and so the Association stands to provide guidance, support, and advice for those within the industry.

The Association provides its members with Insurance, introduces members to Medical Companies that will provide each member with very competitive prices in the way of equipment, instruments, and foot care products, as well as provide for ongoing education through interactive monthly webinars that will be held Australia wide.

Sandi Rogers Naturopath and Reflexognosist is always one step ahead in foot health not only in Australia but world wide.    .

It’s with great pleasure that the FHCA and Anglicare now delivers online National training courses in Basic Foot care.

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How to reduce callus without using a scalpel


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