“Basic Foot care for all Foot Care Nurses and Carers both Australia wide and Internationally”

A Career in Foot and Hand Care



How much can a Hand and Foot Carer expect to earn?

$25 per client

5 clients per day = $125

$125 x 5 days per week = $625

$625 x 4 weeks per month = $2,500

$2,500 x 12 months per year = $30,000 per year

NB: 5 clients @ 1/2 hour each = 2 1/2 hours (lets say 3 hours)
so for 3 hours work a day (not including driving)

$30,000 per year gross.

How does this compare with your present job?

In Australia, personal care assistants earn about $20 per hour and work 8 hour days. The point is you will be earning twice as much for half the hours.

And it gets better! You can charge between $25 - and what ever you believe is fair keeping in mind that the Government sets its Medicare rebate at just over $50.

Say you charge $35 for a home visit

5 clients @ $35 per client = $175 (gross) per day

5 days @ $175 per day = $875 per week

4 weeks @ $875 per week = $3,500 per month

12 months @ $3,500 per month = $42,000 per year

Do the maths - it's up to you how many clients you see!!

Now I'll leave you with this question:

Would you go to get your feet attended to, if you had to take a taxi, or get someone to go out of their way to take you, or even waste your own petrol only to be charged $45-$60when you arrive and have your feet attended to? ..... Here enters the Foot and Hand Carers! They'll come to you.

Foot and Hand Carers have the distinct advantage in that they do not have all the overhead expenses of a clinic, all they require is the footstool and the domiciliary case.

And it gets better still!!

If you presently have a job either full time or part time, your hours can be flexible as a Foot and Hand Carer. You are the boss! Pick your hours around your present job and increase your income.

An average part-time income of say $25,000, together with a modest Foot and Hand Carers income of say $30,000, makes up a very healthy $55,000 per year. Not to mention all the business deductions you will receive from being a business owner.

For example:

  • Car Expenses
  • Petrol Expenses
  • Travel Allowances
  • Mobile Phone Expenses
  • A portion of your electricity expenses at home for a home based office (electricity, rent, washing machine, etc)
  • Claim the hours being on the internet.

The cost of living is increasing, and full time jobs are becoming harder to find, whereas part time jobs are on the increase. You may need another job to supplement your income, and you certainly don't want to eat into superannuation in those early years after retiring.

After 40 years of age, it's harder to find employment. Why then don't you become your own boss!

Being a Foot and Hand Carer is easy, low maintenance, not stressful, you are the boss, and you can do it until you're 60 years of age if your eye sight is good enough.