“Basic Foot care for all Foot Care Nurses and Carers both Australia wide and Internationally”

A Career in Foot and Hand Care



I am presently studying nursing. Would I be able to get credit towards the Certificates III or IV in Foot and Hand Care from the course that I am currently studying?

Yes. People who can demonstrate that they already possess the competencies in the Foot and Hand Care courses - either through equivalent course completion or life and work experience - may be granted credit through an exemption process or through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The Certificate III and IV in Foot and Hand Care incorporate Units of competency from the following existing Training Packages:

  • Beauty Training Package
  • Health Training Package
  • Community Service Training Package and
  • Business Service Training Package

As a result, people who have completed any of these courses could receive exemptions or RPL.

Do I have to have a computer?

It is advisable as some of the Foot and Hand Care course will be online.

The rest will be made up of practical sessions and workshops which you will have to attend in person. Once you have completed the course, you will be encouraged to join the Foot and Hand Carers Association, which again will communicate with you online.

I currently have a job and I don't want to lose it while I'm studying for this course. Would I have to resign to complete this course?

In future, it's planned that these courses will be offered in a very flexible way to enable you to build your study around your work and home commitments.

As 2004 is the first year of this program, the Certificate IV will predominantly be offered in a more 'traditional', on-campus study mode. Some of the course learning resources will be available online in 2004, so you will need access to an Internet-enabled computer.

I'm a Beautician and I work in a very busy salon. If I do the Certificate III and IV courses can I also practise foot and hand care in the salon without doing the domiciliary work?

Absolutely. Providing foot and hand care in your salon will add another area of expertise to your business. Clients that I have seen believe that Beauticians only deal with beauty therapy and younger clients.

When you start to advertise that you also specialise in foot and hand care, you will find your turnover will increase quite substantially. While the clients are visiting your salon, you will most likely be able to provide them with other services as well.

I'm a Podiatrist with a very heavy workload. I definitely see the advantages of having foot and hand carers in my clinic to do the routine and basic nail work. How do you suggest that I go about employing Foot and Hand Carers?

The Foot and Hand Carer Association has an area within the site that enables you to find Foot and Hand Carers in your area. If you contact them, an arrangement may be made between yourself and the carer.

Make sure that you highlight to your clients that they will be seeing a Foot and Hand Carer and not a Podiatrist at the time of appointment. If you don't have a Foot and Hand Carer in the near vicinity, contact the Foot and Hand Carers Association and we will post your practice onto the employment section and the carers will contact you when they see the advertisement.

You have highlighted that Foot and Hand Care is a great part time job but can you see it working full time?

Absolutely. It's really up to you how many hours you want to dedicate to building your practice. It's ideal if you already have a job because you can build your practice up at the same time. Once you have enough clients you could gradually move towards being a full-time Foot and Hand Carer.

Alternatively, if you don't currently work full time, you could concentrate 100% on building your practice. The old saying, "You reap what you sow" is very appropriate here.

Once I've received my qualifications in Foot and Hand Care, do I have to be a member of the Foot and Hand Carers Association?

No you don't, although there are benefits in becoming a member of the

The Association on behalf of its membership negotiates special rates with companies that will help you, the member, achieve benefits. These are benefits that you would not ordinarily achieve on your own. The more numbers we have in our Association, the cheaper the rates will be.