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A message from the Founder

FHCA Code of Ethics


This Code of Ethics is a statement of the standards by which Members of the Foot and Hand Carers Association agree to conduct their business and client care. As members of the FHCA, Foot and Hand Carers accept and take seriously the common values established in the Code of Ethics - breach of which, if proven, will result in the expulsion of the person responsible for said breach.

Ethical Foot and Hand Carers will:

  • Strive to maintain the highest standards of Foot and Hand Care.
  • Recognise, uphold and respect the moral and ethical values of the community.
  • Recognise his / her competencies and limit their practice to those situations that are consistent with these competencies.
  • Maintain and develop professional competence throughout their career.
  • Recognise the responsibility that their position of authority, trust and influence with the client might bring, and act accordingly.
  • Recognise that the client may be vulnerable and therefore need compassionate attention.
  • Strive to provide the client with sufficient information in regards to the nature of the care recommended or required and concerning the proposals or alternatives and the likely cost thereof, so that the client is enabled to decide whether or not to continue, and does so with informed consent.
  • Recognise the confidentiality of all information given by, or on behalf of, the client, unless otherwise required by law.
  • Be sensitive in regards to the financial status of the community when setting fees.
  • Be non-discriminatory in the conduct of business, and accept or reject a client on the merits of their needs.
  • Not to exploit the client out of emotional, sexual or financial or any other motivation.
  • Recognise that the client, as an individual, is entitled to change their Carer and to accept or reject advice.