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Tracey Caffrey Nurse and Chiropodist from Queensland  says:

I have been a nurse for 20 years, also working as a qualified, private sector Chiropodist for 4 years in the UK.

When I and my family emigrated to Queensland in 2005, of course I wanted to continue with my foot health care practice, it had been the most enjoyable and rewarding part of my working life, being my own boss, the freedom of Domiciliary work, and the satisfying instant client results that it gave.

On arrival, I had a struggle on my hands in gaining recognition for my UK Chiropody skills [there being no Chiropody Association to approach], this of course was extremely disappointing. However I wasn’t going to give up my preferred career easily, and kept on with the search.

Thankfully, I discovered Mal Walker’s Foot and Hand Carers Association, I contacted him immediately, my qualifications were assessed and recognised, and since becoming a member, professionally, I have not looked back.

I have received nothing but enthusiasm in support, information and advice from the Foot and Hand Carers Association, Mal being a reliable and knowledgeable resource for my concerns and queries.

I am excited to see the opportunities in Foot Care in Australia, especially with the concept of a Foot and Hand Carer being relatively new, and the deficit in health care provision for general foot and hand care to needy population groups.

Foot care for me, has been a rewarding career in every way, don’t get me wrong, being self employed takes time and commitment, and this is where the Foot and Hand Carers Association can support, advise and encourage. The journey with them I can see, does not end at qualification.

I am excited by the educational opportunities on offer and the prospect of enrolling on some of the upcoming foot care courses, which will undoubtedly help in my business expansion of services on offer.

 I know that without the support of Mal and the Association, I would not now be practising foot care in Australia. I no longer feel alone in my work, I am part of a wider team with similar aspirations and expectations in client care, a group of qualified professionals offering high quality foot health care.

Tracy Caffrey
Foot Care Practitioner
Sunshine Coast

Cara W, Foot and Hand Carer from Victoria says:

For 5 years I’ve been working with a podiatrist as a podiatry assistant and in that time I developed a keen interest in foot care so much that I completed a course in Foot and Hand Care at East Gippsland TAFE.

I now work as a Foot and Hand Carer within a Podiatry clinic, Aged Care facilities, as well as providing domiciliary visits with in the local district

The Foot and Hand Carers Association had guided and supported me in my new venture with respects to, insurance, medical supplies and general industry advice. I totally recommend becoming a member of the association.

Cara W
Foot and Hand Carer (Vic)

Frank D. Reflexologist from Victoria says:

The Foot and Hand Care course couldn’t have come at a better time.

I have worked in the Footwear Industry as a retailer for 21 years, and left to pursue a career in the Natural Health Industry as a Reflexologist.

It was in this pursuit that I was continually asked if I trimmed nails and removed corns and callous. So I started looking for a course in foot care, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. I had even contemplated doing a Podiatry Course, but I thought doing 4 years degree course was a long time just to learn how to trim nails and reduce corns and callous.

In the Reflexology Association Quarterly Publication “Footprints” a flyer was inserted promoting the Foot and Hand Care Course, I was very excited at the prospect of finding a course which was exactly what I was searching for. I rang immediately and registered for the course.

I was the first Reflexologist in Australia to complete the Foot and Hand Care Course conducted by East Gippsland TAFE, and  in fact in their first pilot group.
Since I introduced Foot and Hand Care services within my practice, my business has increased by 60%, its quite a buzz, and extremely rewarding, many foot care clients have become reflexology clients and vice versa,  as both modalities complement each other so well.
The Foot and Hand Care Association under the leadership of Mal Walker has been has been fantastic, with supplier information, Insurance, and general information that was given during my initial  stages of setting up of practice has been has been absolutely fantastic to say the least..

Any Reflexologist should seriously consider adding Foot and Hand Care to their existing business to help expand it to its full potential, and truly become the one stop foot care treatment centre, in your town or suburb.

Frank De Lorenzo
The Foot Man
Colac Victoria

Sarah B. Chiropodist from the UK says:

I emigrated to Australia a year ago from the UK, where I worked as a mobile chiropodist.

On arrival in Australia I contacted the Association as I thought my UK qualifications seemed similar to that of a Foot and Hand Carer. To my great delight I was right and the Association have been fantastic.  
 They accredited my UK qualifications and have been there every step of the way to answer any questions or queries that I have had.

Thanks to the Association I am back doing what I love and providing a service which is definitely in demand.

Sarah B
Chiropodist (Vic)

Seleisa C.S. a Registered Nurse from NSW says:

As a Registered Nurse, and with recent changes to the Health Act regarding Foot Care in NSW, I wanted to work as a Foot Care Nurse while studying to be a Podiatrist.

The Foot and Hand Carers Association were of great assistance in providing membership for someone in my situation. Because of my association and membership with them, it has allowed me to purchase insurance coverage at a much discounted rate.

And because of this, I have been able to start my business as well as providing a necessary service.

I am very happy to be belong to the Foot and Hand carers Association.

Seleisa Chan Sau
Registered Nurse NSW

Karen Van Beelen (AIN within the Age Care Industry) Basic Foot Carer says:

I have found being a Member of the Foot and Hand Carers Association has been invaluable for me.

After working for several years in the aged care industry as an AIN, and completing a basic foot care course, I have recently begun my own mobile basic foot care practice.
I have found the support and guidance Mal and the association have provided has been a real Godsend to me during the set up of my new practice. Their knowledge relating to matters of industry standards, insurance and medical supplies were fantastic.
Mal’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge is second to none, and I couldn’t recommend the Foot and Hand Association highly enough. I believe it is setting a new benchmark in the foot and hand care industry. 
Karen Van Beelen
Mobile Feet