“Basic Foot care for all Foot Care Nurses and Carers both Australia wide and Internationally”



Becoming a Foot and Hand Carer or Foot Care Nurse
has never been so easy.

For FIRST time EVER everything that you require to become a successful Foot Carer can be obtained through the click of your mouse.

You don’t have to waste your precious time it’s all been sorted for you.

Becoming a Foot and Hand Carer or Foot Care Nurse
can be achieved in
3 Easy Steps


Quick start guide

Step 1

Complete a Foot Care Course

  • On the Foot and Hand Carers home page click on the tab “Foot Care Courses” complete either the Nationally Accredited units or any of the private courses that will complete your basic Foot care education.
  • All these courses can be completed online and at your own pace.

      Click NOW to receive details about these courses.

  • If you are already a Foot Care Nurse, Aged Care Worker, or any other individual that has already completed a Certificate in Basic Foot Care go straight to step 2.

Become a Member of the Foot and Hand Carers Association

Once a Member you will receive access to:-

  • Insurances.
  • Instruments. WWW.mymedicalsupplies.com.au
  • Ongoing Monthly educational Webinars on Foot Care.
  • Online short courses.
  • Association Logos for promotion and Marketing for your business cards and advertising.
  • Member’s area.
  • Ongoing general Members support year after year.

To gain Membership to the Foot and Hand Carers Association. Click here NOW  

Business Structure

  • Determine appropriate Business structure for you  (seek professional advice if required)
  • Register your Business Name. (In Australia click here now)
  • Calculate your fees (do not under value yourself or over value.)


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